Vegan & Gluten Free Desserts available upon request

Choose any 2 Desserts For Groups of up to 25 Only $108

For only 1 dollar per item add A dessert choice from any packages

Choose any3 Desserts For Groups of up to 50 Only $239

Groups of up to 100 $478

This package is perfect for parties of up to 100 guests. Get your choice of Any 4 Desserts, Roving Chef logistics offers any four these options: Mini Cupcakes,

Petit Fours, Shooters, Mini Brownie Bites with/without Pecans, Mini Cookies, Mini Cheesecake, and

Mini Pies, or Tarts

We recommend up to 2 1/2 servings per guest

Groups of up to 150 $567

Choose this package for

larger parties and events. We cater up to 150 guests. We recommend up to 2 1/2 servings per guest. This package includes up to 5 different desserts, options include: Mini Cupcakes, Shooters, Mini Brownie 

Bites with/without Pecans, Mini Cookies, Mini cheesecake, Mini Pies, Tarts, Petit Fours, and Mini Cake Doughnuts

Value Package $200

Perfect for a smaller budget. This package serves 50 to 75 guests. Choose Up to

3 desserts Options include Mini cupcakes, shooters, brownie bites, mini cookies,

or mini cheesecake bites

With this package choose up to three Mini Cupcakes flavors, then one flavor of Shooters, and then your

choice of Mini Brownie Bites

with/without Pecans or one flavor of Mini Cookies or mini cheesecakes bites

Groups of up to 200 $715

This package is perfect for company Events and social gatherings. We accommodate up

to 200 guests. We recommend up to 2 3/4 servings per guest. Offering your choice of any 5 desserts Mini Cupcakes, Shooters, Mini Brownie Bites with/without Pecans, Mini Cookies, Mini cheesecake, Mini Pies, Tarts, Petit Fours, and Mini Cake Doughnuts.

Mini Cupcake flavors: Lemon, Strawberry,

Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Vanilla, GF Vanilla,

and Red Velvet

Shooter flavors: Cake SHooters, Cheesecake shooters, and Mousse Shooters

Contact us for details on ordering one of our ceremonial, custom, or birthday cakes. For private events, we offer both hot and cold Appetizers.  If you don’t see an item you want on our menu contact us

Online Ordering only available in Tampa Bay Area 

Minimum order size required for online orders. For smaller orders contact us directly  

All items are made to order and completed within 36 hour 48 hours 

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